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This project consists on the temporary recreation of the Archivo del Reino, from the Palacio del Real de Valencia, Spain, at its original place, and in the same size (22 meters high, 25 meters long, 9 meters wide).
The Palacio del Real has its origin in the eleventh century on a farm for pleasure or almunia, where the kings of the Taifa of Valencia they retired to rest.

Was located outside the city across the river Turia. It was built for the rest of King Abd al Aziz.

The palace was destroyed during the Spanish War of Independence, in one of the sites of Valencia in 1810 by the Spanish troops defending the city.

In this case, Juan Garaizabal, part of the foundation resting on the floor of the Royal Gardens.

Crossing the original plans by Manuel Cavallero (1802) with the current situation of the park, and numerous site visits, determine some areas of intervention.

Based on the graphic and written documentation, this conceptual artist try to build a present volume in this historical absence, raising an ethereal structure, based on metal sections that synthesize only the outlines of the element, that for over 400 years, was the owner of that space. Combines these interventions Garaizabal own language of line and the dimension of the profile, using a construction technique developed over his more recent projects.

The Palacio del Real embodies a unique period in the long history of Valencia.

The Archivo del Reino was located on the lower deck of a nave that was part of this vast complex of buildings, attached to it at both ends and forming part of the «Main Patio». The vicissitudes of the planes in which it is based the installation, which were developed in 1802 by military engineer D. Manuel Cavallero and recently discovered in Paris in the family background of Marshal Suchet is absolutely fascinating and deserves a separate chapter. The same applies to excavations carried out around the palace.
Its demolition began on March 12, 1810. In 2010 took place the 200th anniversary.

At night, the installation «Memoria Urbana» of Valencia acquires a different brilliance. For night time, the installation is equipped with a sophisticated Light System. Based on 24V flexible tube led, it offers an extraordinary look, enriched with music coordinated by a computer. For the structure will be used white and blue light. For the furniture, orange.

The author, who visits Valencia for work continuously for years, seeks to reflect, with this intervention in the urban void, the recent revolution in this symbolic capital and its inhabitants.
Garaizabal find the ephemeral reconstruction of the Archivo del Reino a place for meeting and reflection. A place of cultural exchange and historical recovery.