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Memoria urbana – Lisboa

Memoria urbana – Lisboa

This project consists on the temporary recreation of the Palace da Ribeira at its original place, and in the same size. The foundations of this building, that was Lisbon’s Royal Palace for over 200 years are still under the ground of the impressive Praça do Comércio of Lisbon. It was completely destroyed the «All Saints’ Day» 1755 during the Great Lisbon Earthquake. The quake and tsunami event was widely discussed and dwelt upon by European Enlightment philosophers and inspired major developments in theodicy and in the philosophy of the sublime.


Juan Garaizabal has already done a significant portion of the research/creative process. Comparing the map of the city before the earthquake with the present layout… …, studying the available documentation about the building and the surroundings … …and completed with some visits of the area, Garaizabal has created and registered the master lines of a monumental iron/light structure, according to the technique and artistical language of the «Memorias Urbanas» global project. The piece of installation art has an estimated high of 30 meters.
As all the previous Memorias Urbanas, the installation will allow the visitors to «live» the absence/presence of the main mannerist style Tower of the Paço da Ribeira, where the famous Royal Library was installed.


For night time, the installation is equipped with a sophisticated Light System. Based on 24V flexible tube led, it offers an extraordinary look, enriched with music coordinated by a computer.
All the «Memorias Urbanas» are efficient and 100% sustainable Art Events. The metal structure is easily assembled/disassembled to be placed in another definitive spot and the light works with a minimal energy consumption, being all 24V and completely safe. The installations are subject to all technical certificates and all the preparatory works (sketches, pictures, models, writings…) from the artist are shown in simultaneous exhibitions. The Memorias Urbanas project is registered in Berlin by Juan Garaizabal.